Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Nika you know it wasn 't like that, I swear baby. I just wanted to better myself for you. This( points to the house and himself) was an upgrade for you, you deserved better than the 16 year old dope boy you would come over and smash from time to time. I wasn 't out there fucking bitches? I was focusing on what I 'm building for myself , hopefully us. I 've barely touched anyone in these past 5 years. I don 't know if i can say the same for you though " Drake said starting to get frustrated at how she could blame him for bettering himself.

"I said it was Nicki. Drake, well I think this bettering myself for us is just bullshit you can go feed it to someone else. Maybe I liked the dope boy you better anyways, I like my men with a little more balls and honesty. can 't even keep shit real with me. I can fuck whoever I want, I wasn 't yours back then I 'm not now" Nicki said irritated now, how could she want him now? She was nothing, and he was everything she wished she was..

"It 's not bullshit, I know Onika is somewhere in this little Nicki bitch front that you are putting up. Let me tell you Nicki ain 't cute, fuck who you want too right. At least I 'm trying harder to fix what I managed to mess up in the past. Fuck, you drive me crazy. I 'm not that dope boy, hes gone, I fixed myself you need to do the same. You were mine back then don 't even try to play that card" Drake said running his hand over his head, how could she be like this.

"Onika 's been gone for the past…

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