Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Go ask Daddy if he thinks you look pretty!” my mom would tell me daily, my scalp throbbing from a tight french braid, every piece of my hair perfectly set. I grew up in a house that expected nothing other than pretty. As long as my long blond hair was still in place, and my dress was free of stains, the price of living on this planet as a “girl” was being paid. I also grew up in that same house having to feel ashamed of that femininity. I was trapped- longing nothing more than to be able to play deck hockey like my twin brother, and snowboard like my older brother, chop off all of my hair, and wear clothes that I associated as being “boy’s clothes”. I also wanted to be able to play with my dolls, and dress up as princesses, and declare my favorite color as pink without feeling embarrassed. I still feel torn between the two different binaries. I have never been either feminine enough or masculine enough for my family. The initial assumption that I am a girl is caused by the cisnormative agenda pushed onto people before they are even born. When somebody is pregnant, it seems to be the most often asked question is “what are you having?” as if the bump did not give away that it is a baby. We are assumed to live certain lives and bare certain traits before we even enter the world based, solely based on our physiology. Having what is considered typical female body parts, it was preconceived that I would wear dresses and have long hair and play with dolls and play a certain role…

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