Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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As soon as he said those words he grabbed me by the back of the hair and planted a huge soul sucking kiss onto my lips. This time was different than the last as it felt like he just sucked all of the oxygen out of my body. Standing there breathless, he placed his forehead onto mine, while still having a hold of the back of my hair and said "be a good girl and get on your knees." "Yes", I replied and slowly got down onto my knees. He then said "you want better grades, you need to work for them." That 's when he slowly unbuckled his pants. Before he could finish I grabbed him and yanked everything down. Firmly grasped onto his cock with my hand, looked up at him and said "Do you want me to suck on it?" He smiled and said "you know what to do." I then slowly started running my tounge from the tip of the head all the way down the shaft. Doing this slowly and with my hand still firmly wrapped around I started stroking him. Up and down, wrapping my toungue around his cock , teasing a little by flicking the tip with tounge. I then wrapped my lips around his head and slowly started moving down his shaft. "hmm Yeah, see I told you, you knew what to do" he softly said as he moaned in pleasure. I started sucking and wrapping my toungue around his cock as I moved my head up and down. Faster and faster, I was sucking his cock like gold was about to shoot out. The faster I went the louder he moaned. He held on tight to the back of my hair and was pushing my head at…

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