Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I could feel the water all around me. It was fluid- dancing all around and always changing shape. I could have just stayed there collapsed in that cold, water. The water seemed like such a better alternative than what was coming. The future would be unknown. At least here I would be certain of what would come. Yet, if I stayed I would drown in the cold and I would forever be alone. Any ways I had come to far to just quit and die. I had been the one who stood up to my father hadn’t I? How on earth or in anyplace could I ever back down know? As if the water could hear my thoughts I was thrusted up wards by a strong arm. I broke free of the water, exploding and finally breathing. When I opened my eyes Percy was standing above me- eyes wide. “Are you alright?” he asked. I nodded. Soon I was taking in my surroundings. We were on a beach. What was weird was that Percy wasn’t wet. We were just in the water, weren’t we? How on earth was that even possible? Secondly, this was Montauk beach about 60 minutes away from where we fell off that wonderful, beautiful cliff. That I know without even a hint of doubt isn’t possible. Unless Percy sprouted gills and swam away then pulled a little mermaid and became human (I wasn’t that far off.). “What in the world have I gotten myself into?” I asked “I was not expecting my day to go all commando and try to kill me! What is going on Percy?” Percy thought for second then explained. “We don’t have time for explanations right now. There…

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