Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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As I was walking through the Outlet Mall, my eyes were looking around. I saw the long walkways full of stores. I saw the different types of people. Where do they all come from? Did they travel to come here? Do they live in Chicago? I saw planes soaring overhead like birds through the sky. They were going in and out of O’Hare all day long. I saw many different things that day. It was a good day. I got to go shopping, which I really liked. Even though it was a good day, it was just as much tiring. We walked around. We went into all of the stores. From Nike to Coach. I tried on a ton of clothes. My feet were aching. I did not feel like shopping anymore. My mom asked “How was your day?” I told my mom that I enjoyed that day because she knew that I liked to shop. As much as I liked it, I was also tired, but I did not tell her that. She eventually figured it out. I think we were all pretty tired. From my eyes, I view shopping as enjoyable and kind of a hobby. The real definition of shopping is:
1. the purchasing of goods from stores.
2. goods bought from stores, especially food and household goods.
The word shopping has many definitions. Along with the many definitions, there are the different ways to shop. Here are just a few.
Salvation Army Shopper
“You want leaders driven by mission – not by adrenaline. No one wants to work with people who need to be heroes more than they need to be catalysts.” ― Robert Watson, Leadership Secrets of the Salvation Army Take for instance, a…

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