Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I watched from the big front window inside of my house, while every last strand of my hair was curled and my make up perfect to a tee. He stepped out of the car, slick black from head to toe, along with shoes that gleamed like the stars. His brown eyes shined, and I couldn’t help but envy them. His tie, so flawless and shining silver, matching my pink dress that glittered with silver throughout it. It was a cold fall day. The leaves in the midst of changing color, it was so beautiful. But I didn’t have time to focus on the beauty of the nature. As I stepped outside I immediately pulled my arms up under my armpits to stop myself from shivering. Although at that moment I couldn’t tell if I was shivering from the cool breeze that pushed up against my skin, or if it was the nerves inside of my body trying to push their way out. My hands, clammy as could be and a layer of sweat forming above my upper lip. As so many other thoughts ran through my head I still had the conscience to be aware of this quick enough to wipe it away quickly. The butterflies in the stomach felt as if there was a whole zoo inside of me. I had never experienced this feeling. I was so sure of the boy that was now standing in front of me. As he led me to his car and opened up the door for me, I had a smile that shined from ear to ear. We then proceeded to our high school. Stepping out of the car, seeing all of the other boys and girls dressed up as if they were about to walk down the red carpet. We walked…

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