Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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He had to wash his hands. He never understood why, but he had to wash his hands. Before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. Wash wash wash. Josef sneered as he watched his hands move over to the sink and begin washing. There was no point in trying to stop it. As if it was a record player skipping on the same note he washed his hands. Mother and Father demanded this and as such the rules were to never be broken. Josef marched down the steps announcing to his mother that he was coming for dinner. He sat down on the hard wooden chair, making little creaks as he did. He awaited for his meal as was the rules of Mother and Father. The other boys waited as well, watching the kitchen door for Mother and Father. The kitchen door gently slipped open with Mother and Father calmly pushing a food cart towards the table. Mother and Father were so kind to the children. Meals three times a day, with recreational time every 6 hours. Josef eyed the plates hungrily as dinner was passed out. The normal meal of freshly cooked steaks and greens from the garden. The boys dug into the meals. Mother and Father watched for a second but sintered off back into the kitchen awaiting the dirty dishes from the boys.
Josef scarfed his meal with great gusto as he watched the other children eat in a great fervor. John, Reggie, Thomas, Ferdinand, and Josef. He ran the names under his breath one more time to make sure. The new boy was by far the most interesting in name and presence. Jeffery did not…

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