Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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My head was pounding I could feel the sweat rain down my face dripping onto my knees as I held my head with my hands leaning in the corner, my breaths were becoming short. I stumbled forward towards my sister, Chicomecoatl in reply to her cry for my name. “Zolin, Zolin please don’t do this to me”. “But Chico you must, your sacrifice will p-p-please the Gods” “Are you okay? You aren’t the one on the sacrificing table” “I-I am fine” I felt my sweaty hand fall from hers loosely as my head hit the ground with a loud thud and everything went black.

I gradually opened my eyes, I could hear the sounds of my sister’s voice speaking to an unfamiliar one. I no longer felt any sweat on me and it felt as if the pounding in my head was never there in the first place. As it became more clear to who she was talking to I said, “Chico? What’s going on?” She ran to my side and held my hand “Lin, what happened? Are you okay? Do you remember anything?” When she asked me that last question something came to my mind that I can not explain I saw flashes of weirdly coloured men with beards on animals with weird clothing, outbreaks of many of my tribe dying and the a man smiling a wicked smile. I explained all of this to Chico and the man. The man said I should lie down and rest for a while. I was fine with laying here I suddenly felt exhausted from what happened to my mind ‘I wonder what it was?’ I thought. I asked Chico who that man was, “You don’t recognise him? It is Montezuma II, you should…

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