Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Inspections Phillip’s piercing blue eyes stared back at him from his bathroom mirror. He studied his unshaven face and careless physique, and eventually began plucking the graying hairs from his breast and dropping them one by one into the sink. A silent apartment surrounded him, all but the street noise of the locals and trust funders of Bushwick below. He peered down to the sea of hairs from weeks of plucking and itched his red, irritated chest before quickly shuffling to the closet of his apartment. He weaved naked through the clutter of cheap vodka bottles and cigarette butts, whizzing by the takeout pizza boxes piled high on the flower upholstered sofa. He brushed by old photographs of distance, nameless relatives scattering the walls and nearly toppled a shelf of assorted knick-knacks placed intricately by his mother years before her death. Dressed in his overalls, Philip plopped on the armrest of the sofa in front his Celestron SkyProdgy 130, the telescope’s lens not pointed to the heavens but the streets below. His meandering gaze pushed through the eye piece and scoured the bustling traffic, he watched strangers like a child with his face pressed against the cold glass of an aquarium: a peculiar innocence about him, but with definite ends. He halted on a blond woman in a romper speaking with a tall, primped brunette man in a leather jacket. He lifted his eye from the piece, rubbed it with his pizza grease stained fingers, and centered his gaze on…

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