Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I was running to the waitress infuriated and kept thinking how he had the nerve to do that in front of me. I asked the waitress for the piece of paper that was handed to her, and as she begins to pull it out of her pocket my heart sank as I realized there is no going back. I am either going to find out the devastating truth or look like an idiot in from of the waitress and the rest of the staff that surrounded us in the restaurant. This day started out amazing, as I was super excited that my dad was coming home. Being the daughter of a father who works in the oil industry getting to see your father every day isn’t something you grow accustomed to. I remember seeing my fathers ruby red F-150 pulling into the driveway and hearing the echoing of the horn as he honked inside the garage. I ran to my father and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he then asked me where I wanted to eat. I immediately said I wanted taqueria as it became a father daughter tradition every time he came back home. So as I hopped into the truck he asked me to wait as he was going to go say hi to my mom who was getting ready for work. My father finally came back to the truck and we were off to go get eat. The drive just wouldn’t be a father daughter trip if he didn’t ask me awkward interrogating questions that I would have to passively lie about. Questions like if I had been on dates, or if any boys have been texting me or calling me, and if I have been a good girl. I’ve never really quite…

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