Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2707 Words May 28th, 2016 null Page

It’s fucking FRIDAY night and where am I? NOT WITH YOU! I found a lama and goats on my jog (yea it’s a mountain I had to walk after about half way up. Then I got to see a view of ol Madison county. The neighbors really did some work with the property (literally on top of the mountain, you could never tell it was there. We can see pretty far from hiking up our back yard…come on, I bet we could even have woods sex… on top of a mountain… in our back yard.

Then I went to ol Walmart for the Barbara and picked up more underwear, you know if you work from home with me we can trade in your dress pants for boxers(sure we can get them out and play if you want). Then to crackle barrel got the roast beef. She got fried cod, it was under parker. Jeremy, I simply can’t wait for her to meet you, blow her hair back, like you are going to eat my cake. I am taking your last name, none negotiable along with all the cake, the rest is.

You might like this email the best and have to delete this email or jack off to it (nope, control yourself!) I’d hate for kids to find it one day and say GD look… our dads fucking rocked each others world. I hope EVERYONE knows I am your cake and you are mine. Why did I go on a love campaign? You are one of a kind and you deserved it, I could see me with you foreverrr. I am sure you dated cod, lemon tarts and others. I know they didn’t nor could compare to the Ben, your cake. Brains and beauty are hard to find inside and out. Usually the inside…

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