Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Aedus rubbed his hands with his fingertips. They ran along the surface of his palms easily, his skin offering little resistance. He paid no mind to it, ever since he was young his palms became sleek with sweat whenever he was excited. He picked up his spoon and scoffed down his dinner, giving in to the persistent command of his mother. It consisted of porridge and a stale piece of bread. The richer folk in his small town would have sneered at the meal, but it was fit for a pauper such as himself. He eyed the door like a wolf would do its prey, his eyes fixed on a space just above its handle. His right heel was off the floor and he applied pressure to the tips of his toes, ready to pounce at any sign of movement. His mother came to his side, softly putting her hand on his shoulder. She kneaded it with affection. He relaxed at her touch, smiling inwardly at how wild he must have looked In that moment. He lent back in his chair and looked up at her, studying her expression. He was strikingly similar to his father in every way, though her eyes were his, and his eyes were hers. She patted him.
"Your Grandfather will be there, there is no need to act so rabid," she said, amusement touched her voice softly. "I may have to ask your father to take you to Burrow-wood and put you down like a farmer would to a feral dog."
Aedus 's arms exploded into the air in frustration. "Mother, you may just have to!" he exclaimed. "Grandfather has made me wait eighteen years to tell me his story. I…

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