Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1022 Words Nov 26th, 2016 5 Pages
“Mana?” I cry, calling out to her. Breathless, I’m fumbling around with the branches, trying to push them out of my way, when I catch a glimpse of the flash again. This time, it’s darting toward the ravine. Something tells me that if it gets there, I may never see Mana again. I follow the trail of tiny droplets of blood through the brush and out, almost falling into the ravine. A small trail runs down the side of the canyon, zigzagging the fifty feet down. For a millisecond, I feel like I’m in a cartoon, reeling right at the edge of the cliff, flailing my arms like I’m Wile E. Coyote about to fall into the ravine. Then, it’s as if I crash back into my body. Back into reality. Fifty feet below me, I see the tiny forms of Mana and the creature, struggling and kicking. Then something happens and Mana goes limp, hanging loosely in the figure’s arms. “Mana!” I’m shuffling down the trail in an instant, sliding and skidding like Rhoda did on the decline when we first landed. But I’m too late. When I look up, she’s gone. They’re gone. Disappeared into one of the many holes littering the canyon floor. Oh my God. Mana. She’s gone. Defiant, I finish running down the trail and stop in the middle, spinning in circles. Eyes trying to find tracks. Ears straining to hear a sound. Feet running back and forth, searching for anything – anything- to show where they went. Nothing. “Mana!” I shout as loudly as I possibly can, disregarding the fact that there may be more creatures out here,…

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