Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It is a normal night, a little lonely since Brandon and Hannah are gone on their honeymoon.
But I should probably get used to be alone more since they are moving a week after they get back.

But I wish I had someone to snuggle with. Maybe Ned will drop by.

The buzzer snaps me out of my stupor, I jump like the button is hardwired to my brain and strode off to the door.

Okay. Maybe this is just a coincidence.

"Hello?" I say holding onto the button.
"It 's me," Ned 's voice sounds shaky.
"It 's open." I say holding the other button. "See you in a sec."

I open the door to see him run up the stairs and to me.

"Ned? What are you doing here?" I ask looking over my shorts and low-cut long sleeve.

I look for something to wrap around myself, but there is nothing in my reach.

Crap. Now I 'm the slutty girlfriend or something.

"My car wouldn 't stay so I walked here." He shivers.
"Ned, that 's got to be at least five miles!" I say touching his face. "Come inside" I closing the door behind him. "What were you thinking? Why didn 't you just call me, I would have came and got you."
"Babe, don 't fuss... it wasn 't that far. Only two miles..." He says taking off his jacket. "And my phone was dead."
"Two miles in this weather!?" I say kissing his cheek. ""Here let me help you..."

I start to help him shake the snow from his hair.

He 's caked in it, snow.

"Do you need a new shirt? This one seems to be soaked..." I say touching his flannel.
"I walked a good two miles before I got…

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