Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

734 Words Nov 26th, 2016 3 Pages
The man gripped my throat and lifted me with an unnatural strength in which I had never before felt, my eyes burned and welled with tears as my mouth opened wide in any attempt to suck in air. I could see him clearly now, no more small glances, no more slight shadows barely seen from the corner of my eye; he was absolutely horrific, and the smell from his hot breath cascading over my face made my stomach churn and bile rise to my tight closed off throat. Rotting meat-- decay, and old settled blood. I would have vomited if it weren 't for his clawed vice-like grip wrapped so tightly around my bruising throat. I wanted to scream, to beg him to stop, and he knew from the very look on my face what I so eagerly wanted to cry out to the heavens, and this only made his smile grow wider. His eyes were the color of a blazing wildfire, pure crimson, just as his lips which looked more so stretched across his ivory flesh. I gagged weakly as my struggling died slightly, my vision blurring. A low growl-like chuckle erupted from within his chest once he seemed to realized I might pass out, and almost at once he lowered me to my quaking knees and let me go. I coughed and swallowed down my bile before falling forward, my hands shakily pressing to the floor in hopes of supporting my wobbling body. I gasped and dry-heaved once before savoring the stale smell of the dirty asphalt that replaced the rotting smell of his breath. I could feel him still looming over me as I caught my breath, my…

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