Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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My arms hang limp below my muzzy sight. Sight frozen on the crimson flow trickling down my right arm, dripping along the back of my fingertips, spotting red the sun-baked gravel lacquered into the tar. Some mingle with the larger spatter he steps over or smears as he races across the roof. Splatter streaming down off the rims of my boots. Boots filled by a steady bleed from the bullet holes in the back of my legs. Legs he grips tight up against his torso.
Picking up his pace, the heavy heels of his black hi-tops soon step from the gravel onto the light gray, tarmac, landing pad. His stride is long, determined.
I would fight him, but I am doing all I can to breathe.
With a loud thud, I hit the deck. My head whips back, crashing against an unyielding metal surface, shaking my eyes wide open.
Helpless, I watch these criminals that shot me, that took me hostage, toss three bodies next to me before clambering in over me.
The helicopter’s cargo hatch bangs shut, clicks as it locks. Ends my view of the grandiose blue sky crisp and clear above the New York City skyline. Ends my life, as I know it creating unstoppable tears that wet my ears, pooling onto the cool metal under the knock I received to the back of my skull. Weak, my stomach growing knots, I cannot move.
Where would I go, if I could?
Two hours ago, I lay on the skyscraper’s roof basking in the heat of this awesome summer day. Now, here, flat on my back, unable to stop my…

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