Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I gradually awoke, feeling like the undead trying to reanimate myself. I was barely able to keep consciousness, as if I was being pulled apart by two worlds. I finally became capable of opening my eyes to be met by the abrupt glow of my phone’s alarm filling the room. As I reached for my phone, my body ached, and I thought back to the day before of working and standing on the concrete floors for eighteen arduous hours. I held the phone in my hand while it was still alarming, the snooze button was so appealing to me. Still stringing in and out of sleep, I reminded myself of how I could not risk being late and I had no more time to sleep. Reluctantly, I took all my will power and stood up. “Just get to the shower, so you can wake up,” I muttered to myself, finally turning my alarm off and making my way to the bathroom. “Just two more days and you can sleep, just two more days and you can sleep.” I kept repeating. I drug myself into the bathroom and cut the water on. I turned the water as cold as it could be. It felt like being slapped by an icy hand, but I was awakened by the cold which also helped my stiffness. After the shower, I was refreshed like the life was washed back into me. I turned the coffee on and the smell intoxicated me. Coffee was my favorite part of the morning and I often referred to it as “my life source”. But as usual, the things we love most seem to last the shortest, so I prepared my uniforms and started my truck to let it warm up. I…

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