Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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adjusted her bikini and got comfortable on her stomach, welcoming the sun to warm her now freezing body.
Caleb was instantly in her thoughts. He was always there every second of every day. Giving her heart a break, she only occasionally chose not to notice. Breathing through the urge to burst into tears right there on the beach, she eventually dozed off. Within minutes, she was dreaming about him. She and Caleb were sitting against the base of a palm tree. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world. His foot playfully touched hers, and she could feel the sand between their toes rubbing her skin. When she turned to look at him, she gazed into his smiling eyes.
“Becca! Hey, are you awake?” the familiar voice said. “I think you’re getting burned.”
As she woke, she wondered if someone was actually speaking to her or if the voice was just in her head. Still half-asleep, she pushed herself up and turned over on the lounge chair. The sun was beating down on her face, but she recognized the black and white swim trunks with skulls down one leg. Then her eyes went up to his sunglasses looking down at her. It took her a minute to recall his name. He walked over and took a seat on the edge of Gloria’s vacant lounge chair. “Sorry to interrupt your rest, but I couldn’t just let you lay here and burn,” Shane said.
“It’s okay,” Becca replied, sitting up to look at him. “I actually fell asleep before I put sunblock on my back, so thanks.”
“No time like the present,” he said, reaching…

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