Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Sara, you have to wear this dress!” Ella, my friend, hurls a piece of fabric across the room at me.
I pull the dress over my head and examine myself in the mirror. I liked the way the dress looked, but there was a lot of cleavage spilling out the top of the dress. The dress flared at my waist, making it look small and it fell to just below my ass. I’m turning to look at my behind in the mirror, when my other friend, Lacey, walks in the room.
“Holy fuck! Sara, you look hot!” Lacey blurts out.
I smile at her. I always thought of myself of average appearance. I am on the short side, standing at only 5’2 with long straight blonde hair. I have large boobs that protruded oddly off an average size frame. I am curvy and that made me a bit self-conscious standing next to Lacey and Ella.
Lacey looks like she could be a model with her tall natural thin figure. She has shoulder length auburn brown hair that natural curled beautifully around her face. She has average size boobs for her body and legs I would kill for. Lacey could pull off any clothes with her body.
Ella had gorgeous naturally tanned skin with dark brown hair. She had a butt to kill for and a stomach that was firm and flat. Ella was a little taller than average and had an outgoing and radiant personality.
The three of us, all very different, made the best of friends. I told them all about my stranger encounter last week and they have been on a mission to find him ever since.
“These shoes will go perfect with your…

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