Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1883 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Imagine it is a beautiful summer day and you are sprawled out across a towel in the soft green grass, just soaking in the warm rays of the sun as you are reading your favorite book and enjoying a delicious snack of watermelon. The air is hot and humid, but there is relief from the heat comes in the form of a cool breeze that gently ruffles your hair as it passes by. You feel completely relaxed and content in your current position, and you feel yourself slowly drifting off to sleep when you hear it: buzzzz. At first the sound is faint and you hold your breath hoping you just imagined it, but then the sound appears even closer than before. Buzzzzzzzzz! It is probably after the watermelon. Why did you decide to eat watermelon outside? And you were just about to fall asleep! BUZZZZZZ! Your eyes snap open as you instinctively snap your head backwards to get away from the buzzing creature that had been hovering inches away from your ear. Your content mood immediately dissipates as you search for the insect responsible for your disturbance, and then you find it. A single honeybee is crawling on top of your snack, oblivious to the fact that it had just disturbed your moment of Zen. You stare at the intruder for a moment, deliberating if it is worth attempting to swat the bug away, but you can hear more buzzing close by and realize that even if you manage to kill this bee, more would just come. And so, with a heavy heart, you pack up your belongings, throw one last glance at your…

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