Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2177 Words Nov 28th, 2016 9 Pages
I shyly peek at Mama, who sits in the yard appearing to be in deep thought.
“How do I look, Mama?” I ask, referring to the pink skirt and red blouse I wear for Dee’s arrival. The outfit is too big on me, and I know it makes me look thinner than I already am. All my clothes make me look like a ghost because they are not the right size. After the fire, I’ve had to start wearing Dee’s old clothes, and she has always been healthy and not skinny like me.
“Come out into the yard.” Mama says. I glance around the yard, and find it empty as it always is except for Mama sitting in her usual bamboo chair. I slowly creep out of the house, eyes on the ground, trying to avoid her gaze even though I want to look at her.
It’s been a while since I really looked at Mama, or anyone else for that matter. I always watch her when she works outside all day during the winter, breaking ice to get water or getting meat from hogs and bulls. But since the fire that took down the old house, I can no longer make eye contact with anyone, let alone Mama. I am afraid I will find them desperately trying to unglue their eyes from the horrendous scars that run down my whole body except for the soles of my feet. I have never been beautiful, and I am very well aware of that. Even before the fire, I had always been too slender, and my hair too bushy and thick. I have always preferred Dee’s look, with her gorgeous light complexion, her beautiful curves, and her much softer and easy-to-tame hair. But at least…

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