Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The incessant beeping kept beeping and beeping in my ears. My eyes open, only to wince at the light and fly under the comforter. I roll over to slap the snooze button. Just five more minutes, please. Only, the only problem was I didn’t hit the alarm button. Instead, I hit someone. A leg. I peak my head out from the fluffy blanket to see my hand resting on a pant leg. Keeping my hand there, I follow the pant leg upward to see a very tired Todd looming over me.

“Rise and shine, old sport.” His hands were on his hips, leaning over my mattress that lay on the bare floor. I duck under my pillow, trying to ignore the blaring noise getting louder and louder and more obnoxious with every passing second. That asshole needs to go away, it’s not even seven.

I heard a groan as the button was pressed by my guardian. Sweet, I win this one. I snuggle up under the pillow and drift into dreamland...for about two seconds. Something cold grabbed my ankle and tugged,” Come on, old sport! get...the van!”

“Now?” This is such an ungodly hour, he probably set the damned thing as well. I was about halfway off my mattress when the guy stopped yanking on me. My hands grabbed at my comforter as I sat up, wrapping the blanket around me.


I groan and throw myself back onto the mattress,” But I don’t want to!”

“You really need to stop being such a bitch in the mornings.” The ginger Doylie said before leaving my room.

“And you need to stop being…

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