Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Tung stared into the small mirror shaving both his beard and his head. What stared back at him was a male with a large bulbous nose, thick eyebrows and lips, and small ears. His iris were greenish blue and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot. He hadn’t slept well through the journey. Tung was having a hard time getting use to many things. For one thing, the cramp spaces. Even though he was short and stocky like the rest of his kind, he still felt claustrophobic. The constant shuffling around people through corridors was starting to get on his nerves. The only sense of relief was the training arenas, which reminded him of his home. He turned and headed down the corridor when the whole ship shook. It knocked Tung to the wall and he became disoriented. Sirens and lights rang and flashed, making the world a dizzying red and loud place. He put his hand to the wall and slowly walked forward. Tung was about to make a turn when something grabbed his arm and pulled him in. The fuzzy shape was holding something high over him. He brought his left arm up to block and something smashed against it. The fuzzy shaped resolved into a bipedal lizard as it stumbled back. The lizard was about to recover when Tung raised his left arm again. He parried the blow and was able to take the broken blade out of the lizards grip. He then swung it at the lizard. The lizard was cut in two, Tung expected a volcano of blood to spurt out, but only a black ooze slowly dripped out. He looked at his…

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