Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I 'm laying down in bed. The window is open, and the breeze has a familiar chill to it. A certain Northeastern chill.
Nothing better to do, I thought while looking at the vast amount of books piled up on my desk - my overdue homework gave me a glazed stare, and I ignored it.
My roommates have all left - going to different places on campus to suit their needs as given. It wasn 't any problem to me - I preferred the quiet.
Sighing as I lean back some more, the chill is slowly but surely getting to me.
I reached out to pull my window down, but then I see... a girl. A beautiful girl. A girl who embraced the very chill I was looking to block out.
I 'm fairly unfamiliar with who she is, but if anything, I 'll give it my best shot. She was seated on a pink towel with her legs outstretched and a pair of ear buds implanted as she was reading literature in the autumn sun. She didn 't seem to care much about the world around her, as she seemed more interested in her book.
What 's even more interesting is her choice of clothing with such a chill in the air - her long legs were vulnerable to the chilly air except her hips, which were dressed in jeans shorts and her torso only had room for slight exposure as she sported a black and white striped bikini top which supported her very ample bosom which glinted in the sunlight. She didn 't seem to mind the chill, as the radiant sun was able to coat her body in its warmth - a delightful pleasure for her as she continued her activity.
My mind…

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