Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Everywhere around us was desert and farming grounds except for the few trees on our property that were purposely planted. We had a neighbor on the right—if you could call two miles away a neighbor—and I assumed there was another one somewhere on our left. I guess that was a good thing about living in the country; no neighbors meant there was no one there to welcome you to the neighborhood. I hated that; it always made me feel like I had to be nice even though I wanted to hate them. There was a huge yard surrounding us and I had to admit I really liked that; I could see a fun summer spent here. Looking up I saw more stars than I had ever realized were in the sky. It was beautiful and also the only light we had out here. I was amazed we could see anything at all, let alone colors. “Well, this place is nice,” Uncle Andrew said reassuring his wife. His thoughts said differently; he hated the house as much as I did. Emmaline had picked it out from their limited choices. Very limited choices. This was the kind of town where people stayed there whole lives, always living in the same house and doing the same thing day after day. I already couldn 't wait to get out of here. “Yes, it is, and there are five bedrooms just in case we get to make this a more permanent home.” What she thought after that was: If you 're ever home long enough to get me pregnant again. She 'd been wanting a second child for a while now, but she hadn 't even told him. She knew that his job was the only…

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