Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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At a leisurely pace, I walked down the dark unwelcoming alley. A outer wall jumped at me, figuratively speaking. Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown colors were displayed in their own shapes, coming together like a puzzle. “Vision” accompanied by the drawing of an eye, persuaded me that I found the right place.

An antediluvian, worn down red, set of stairs were staring back at me as if I was being told to not enter. Small space was provided leading to the stairs, making me feel discomfort. Rotten food and cigarette smells filled the air, compelling my stomach to churn. Putting my weight onto one step, I pondered to myself if this exploration was worthy. Shaking took place after my first step; I did not know if that was my trembling or the stairs uncertainty of me proceeding. Although, I still decided to continue my adventure, and nonchalantly proceeded up the stairway. My eyes peered around at the empty space, observing the area. A worn down couch, wadded up paper, pop cans, cigarettes, all caught my attention.
Feeling nauseated from my nervous stomach, the couch welcomed my presence as I proceeded to sit. To my disadvantage, the distinct smell of the couch is one that someone cannot forget. Not to mention, the couch could have been compared to a rock; withholding no comfort. As I relaxed into the uncomfortable couch, my neck, leading my eyes to glance above me, showed me the lack of things disrupting the stars from me. Although, the astounding sight could…

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