Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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She stood at the foot of the bed admiring his lean, but muscular body and how his erect cock invited her in. She licked her lips as she slowly crept onto the bed, straddling his legs and running her hands up his thighs. When she finally reached his manhood, she allowed her hands to stroke his pelvis, being careful to only allow an occasional brush up against his shaft or sack. It was her turn to tease him, to get him back for what he done to her.
She could tell he was frustrated because his cock throbbed slightly, squeezing out a bead of his juices. She licked her lips in anticipation and went in. She used her tongue on the tip of his head, swirling it around it and allowing it to slightly push past her lips. While her tongue went to work of his tip, one hand stroked his shaft and the other was holding his jewels. She could tell that what he was doing felt good because his body was tense and he was giving off small grunts each time the tip went in her mouth.
After doing this for a while, she pulled her mouth off of his perfect cock and moved to straddle his pelvis. She allowed her lips to press up against the bottom side of his dick, sandwiching it between her labia and his pelvis. She stroked it up and down, allowing her juices to coat his entire dick. Their most sensitive parts were rubbing up against each other and with each thrust they became tenser.
When Stella could no longer stand it, she lifted up her hips, put her hand on his shaft, and pressed it inside of her.…

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