Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I woke up still aching. Taking time to ice down my wounds and updating Miss Mora on the case. I told her everything; the dancer, the address, the presumed identity of her mystery man. Everything except the part where I got clobbered in a back alley. Whether to preserve my masculinity or her peace of mind, it was for the best. I kept our conversation short, no time for questions that I didn 't have the answers to yet. That and I had overslept, the sun was already setting. I 'd have to settle for the night stalker approach. Effective but dangerous being exposed to the things that go bump in the night. Time to go. I grabbed my hat, coat, and gun; my nightly routine for nights far from routine. The apartments were the very definition of uninviting. The dilapidated wooden fence that surrounded the run down complex was a gust of wind away from fire wood. Cracked walls that were once white, now stained a bitter brown. Silhouettes of missing apartment numbers shined in contrast to the grime covered doors that secured the majority of the domiciles. I spotted the splintered death trap that they were attempting to pass off as a stairway. Two stories that told the same depressing tale. Lake View Apartments, where the chips are down and the rent is up. Ironic that even with all my investigative experience I couldn 't find a lake, or even a view worth taking in for that matter. The kind of place where things go to die; hopes, dreams, and the occasional call girl. I parked…

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