Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Fine day to plant,” Plank said, and Bea lost her hand spade.
“Poop.” She grasped for the tool before it could bruise the delicate pansies she had laid out, evenly spaced, shed of their plastic nursery pots. Moist potting soil and Styrofoam bits still clung to their feathery roots and she hoped to get them into the ground before they wilted. Looking up, Bea found a slender, conservatively suited stranger at the edge of her driveway.
“I didn’t mean to startle you, Miss Westcott.”
He stood with the sun over his shoulder so that his head appeared in halo. He cast a shadow over the flowers and Bea’s tilled soil. She closed one eye, scrutinizing him.
“I believe in Jesus and right now, I don’t have time to pray,” she said, dismissing him with the hope of returning to her plants.
“Oh,” he said, “I’m not here to witness. I wondered…”
He didn’t finish the sentence and Bea watched him reach inside his suit jacket. At least, she thought it was a suit jacket. Her glance moved beyond his shoulder to the wooden plaque that hung from the eave, a burnt “Stan & Bea Westcott” scrolled across its face. The plaque was weather worn and she left it hanging even though Stanley was no longer with her. Her eyes moved back to see the man extract a leather wallet and flip it open.
“Special Agent in Charge, Derek Plank.”
“In charge of what?”
“Just a title ma’am,” he said and held the badge and ID card down so she could see them.
He need not have bothered, Bea was quite blind without her…

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