Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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As soon as we came into the house, Étienne crossed the hall, in the direction of a tall sliding door, and opened it. “If you don’t mind waiting in the library, Sir?” he said, “I am going to let the Baron know that you are here.” I acquiesced, while he slightly bowed, stepping aside to free the way in front of me. Once inside the library, I heard him close the door behind me, and the sound of his footsteps quickly faded away. The room was spacious, crowded with antique furniture that blended well with the old books, albums and manuscripts of all sizes that heavily populated the place. On the right, a French window, indecently dressed in just a light lace curtain, was opened, letting into the room the heavy, hot breath of the day’s stormy weather. In front of the windows, separated by a low table, covered with magazines, were two lush armchairs, the covers of which, made of thinly tanned skins, showed the marks left by the people who had, in the past, lounged in that soft comfort of Corinthian leather. One of those two seats was occupied by a stranger who kept a book of impressive size on his lap, and one hand, on the book. He was a remarkable man, remarkable, if I may add, in the sense that one couldn’t avoid noticing the peculiarities of his physical appearance. Perhaps, in his forty’s, the stranger had dark, abundant, and curly hair that he must have soaked in a bath of “Eau de Cologne”, filling up the air with the strong, sweet and nauseating perfume of lavender. He…

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