Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1998 Words Feb 11th, 2016 8 Pages
I awoke to the feeling of cold stone beneath me, looking up I found myself staring at the leathery inside of a massive stretched tent lifted with many wooden spikes that made it create the shape of a massive hexagonal prism, bending upwards where they met at a single point of the ceiling. I heard the sound of movement next to me and found that it was accompanied by the sound of a sweet, cheery voice which sounded like a sharp but peaceful screech mixed with human tongue. “So, you 're awake.” the voice said, “hopefully you 're feeling alright since I am not that good at getting rid of that much blood, without taking too much.” I wheezed slightly and rose into a sitting position, closing my eyes with the effort. “I 'm fine, thank you for your help I thought that those things had found me again and brought me to that horrible enslavement camp.” When I finally opened my eyes again, I found myself staring at the face of another of those creatures, human yet savage. This one had large leathery wings protruding from its shoulder blades like the flying creatures and its face was like a human 's, a female. Its nose was thick and rather wide, with massive ears much like a bat 's rising from the side of her head. Small white fangs sank down from her upper lip and her eyes held a gaze of wonder and sadness hidden behind her lavender irises. I leaped back and cried out slightly for help and soon I was being pressed down onto the bed by at least five full grown men, humans this time,…

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