Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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He could feel his ears heat up, and Tsuna was sure that the pink on his face was evident. “It’s just a nickname.”

“Last time I checked, you didn’t like nicknames.” “Correction. I didn’t like your nicknames.”

The two stifled in a laugh as Tsuna’s mother waved them off. “Now, now. Enough of that. Let’s eat.”

The trio sat down and chanted in unison “Itadakimasu” before digging into the feast. As Tsuna expected, the food was as good as it looked. If the scent wasn’t temping enough, the taste was simply heavenly. Tsuna knew his mother was gifted, but he sometimes wondered why she never made a career from it. His assumed it’s because she had to take care of him.

Kairi moaned from in front of him as she took a bite from the sweet and sour pork on her plate. “Kami, is this delicious.” The girl eagerly took more servings. “You really need to tell me the recipe for this Mama.”

“You cook, Kairi?” The girl in question ducked her head and gave a sheepish smile. “Not very well…”

Tsuna watched his mother give a heartfelt laugh. It wasn’t something he heard lately and he was glad that his mother is still capable of the action. “I don’t mind teaching you. I’ve always wanted a daughter of my own to pass on my recipes.”

Both Kairi and Tsuna blushed a healthy shade. Tsuna knew there wasn’t any real harm in his mother’s words, but he couldn’t help but think that she may have been insinuating something.

Kairi cleared her voice and went on with the conversation. “Did you…

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