Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was a Tuesday, on September 22nd, 2015, I claimed my seat by the window of a Southwest plane, and leaned down to shove my large purple bag below my seat. I had put my headphones over my ears to escape the noises of the world around me. I turned my head to my dad and brother Taylor, they were adjusting to get comfortable, and then I rotated the opposite way to stare out the tiny window. It was a sunny afternoon, I was already thrilled to get out of high school, and to go to Florida was even better! I haven’t been to Florida in over 7 years and before that my family used to go every year. There were many things I missed about Florida such as the hot weather, the sunny days and listening to wind blowing through the palm tree leaves. I already thought to myself that this vacation wasn’t going to last long, we’re only spending 3 full days. I knew better to be grateful with the time we had and not be sad about the idea. Therefore, I told myself to enjoy every moment.

We met my mom in Orlando, Florida later that evening. She spent part of the week working and decided to meet us there in Orlando. “I’m glad the three of you could make it out,” as she gave us each a warm welcoming hug. This was the only time we could make up for vacation. My mom exclaimed, “We are going to have so much fun!”

I was sure we were going to, then I spoke up, “I’m really looking forward to Universal Studios, my friends told me really good things about the park!” Taylor also agreed with me.


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