Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Honey, I’m home!” I shouted as I made my grand entrance through the door of my dorm room.
“How was work, Naomi Campbell?” joked my roommate/best friend, Tegan Hart. She was sitting with her legs crisscrossed on top of her bed and her laptop resting on her thighs.
“Ha-ha, you’re hilarious. It was miserable. Today was a beach shoot and the water’s so cold that I almost couldn’t get my teeth to stop chattering.” I answered as I reached into my bag and pulled out my souvenir from today’s photo shoot. “I brought you a present.”
I held up the denim bikini with high-waisted bottoms and tossed it to Tegan.
“No. Fucking. Way.” She gasped as she closed her laptop and held the material in her hands. “This is the Jean Genie bikini that Nicki Minaj wore in that music video!”
“I am aware. You only raved about it for an entire week straight.” I teased. “It’ll look hotter on you than it does on me. It’s designed to support massive boobs.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
Tegan went back to her bed and I took a seat at my desk to finish our weekly homework assignments. We got into the habit of finishing all of our work by Friday evening so that we could have lives on the weekends.
“Woo! Hallelujah I am done!” Tegan cheered. “If I don’t get an A on my Kinesiology essay then that’ll prove my theory that Brewster is racist.”
I rolled my eyes, “Both you and Professor Brewster are white.”
“Whatever.” She dismissed me. “Just hurry up and finish whatever it is you’re working on so we can go…

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