Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was an ideal day to be outside, the sky a soft azure blue with the fluffiest pearl white clouds that resembled different shapes and images if you took the time and effort to truly admire them. The air was warm with just the hint of a soft sweet breeze. The wind rustled the leaves of the tall sugar maple trees that surrounded the back of the expansive area around us. Soft invisible lips touched the tips of the of the flower petals on the periwinkle vines. They grew entwined within the spokes of the ornate wrought iron fence that decorates the entrance to the park. The lush green grass freshly cut. They had walked across the grass to the bench they were on. The grass was thick between your toes when barefoot as many children were doing.
“I’m really impressed with how the park turned out.”
“Yes I think this is the third park the city has revamped.”
Cassie took in the park’s new plants, bushes and thick plush sod. Bright crimson iron benches replaced the old wooden ones that had been a part of the city for many generations and had been long past their ability to be functional.
“It’s beautiful. So much nicer to spend the afternoon at than the rehab center.”
“You’re almost out of here, and you have Sergei to keep you company.”
“Yes, I am spoiled. Thank you for keeping Natalya and Maxim for us.”
“And I them. It is nice to have them around.”
“They love spending time with you.”
“That warms my heart to hear.”
Cassie looked across the playground and sandbox and watched a crew…

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