Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Extremely famished and tired from an exciting day of school, I return home seeking slumber. I tear off my clothes to put on my sleeping attire and lay on the sofa: too lazy to prepare any meals I drift to sleep listening to a cooking show in the background. However my nap is disturbed and I find myself quickly awakened. I don’t awake in the same place, it is unfamiliar and yet I find myself completely undisturbed. In fact, I find the place to be familiar and nostalgic.

Harps majestically play, I see beautiful colors and lights in my surroundings staining the clouds, intricate architecture stands before me, and a gentle breeze blows through the air carrying a faint yet powerful scent. Nothing mattered anymore, my questions became meaningless. I desperately needed to follow that rich fragrance. One whiff was enough to completely take me over.

Shockingly before I could respond to it hundreds or even thousands of tiny children in white cloth swarm and guide me towards the building before me that was producing these rich scents. Each child equipped with a pair of wings resembled tiny angels. Though they were quite different as they were multicolored and spotted with seemingly impossible combinations of hues. They continue to nudge me to the scent which gets richer and richer yet it is still too complicated and intricate to figure out.

My heart is throbbing and bursting, The scent gets stronger and stronger until finally the doors are unsealed in one motion. Instantaneously…

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