Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“I have all my fingers the knife goes chop, chop, chop if I miss the spaces my fingers will come off” Ethan sang, the knife clanged against the cool tile in between his pale bony fingers. “And if I hit my fingers the blood will soon come out. All the same I play this game because that 's what it 's all about. Chop, chop, chop I’m picking up the speed.” The knife blurred as he dipped it in between the small spaces in his hand. He went faster and faster, with every clang of the knife I jumped. I shut my eyes, knowing he was almost at full speed. Thankfully, he stopped ending the song without a cut. Using dexterous hands, he flipped his shaggy blonde hair just enough out of his face to see his ocean blue eyes. He gave a laugh and a smile, then handed me my knife. “It would have been more entertaining if you cut yourself” I said being facetious. He rolled his eyes and gave me a look. I couldn 't have been happier at the moment, surrounded by my best friends in my second home. It was my fourth week volunteering at camp, my seventh summer. Camp meant the world to me, more than anyone knew. It was somewhere I could be myself. A place where the worries of life couldn 't touch me. A safe haven where everyone around me cared so much, and loved me unconditionally. A warm feeling engulfed my chest and spread to my toes. I didn 't want to be anywhere else. “Let me try” I said “I bet I can do it ten times better than you.” I opened the knife. “Yeah right” he laughed “don 't cut…

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