Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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An autumn afternoon, a watercolor sunset streaked muted pastel shades across the sky. It was a bitingly cold chill that belonged to winter. My eyes were focused on the Manhattan skyline, a beautifully grotesque thing. Nature, half obscured by looming manmade structures. I wasn 't sure what was uglier. What an outlandish thought, to find nature so unnerving.
I had been so preoccupied by my own devices that I hadn 't noticed a small girl on a crumbling concrete stoop, her eyes intently focused on me . Her attention followed me as my body weaved through people like water over stones, a gift only New Yorkers possessed. I was drawn to her, naturally. The way her hair fell like waves pulling out to sea, the harsh wind whipping it from her face. How her eyes bore blistering holes into my skin. The way her mind was working to figure out the enigma of my humanness. I looked down at my shoes, careful not to step on other people’s, then back at the girl on the stoop. I was closer to her now. Close enough to see the faded scar that split her cheekbone in half, the sadness that had taken residence inside of her. She looked as if she was in between. Not quite a child anymore, but still too young to be an adult. I had forgotten what it was like to be young. To understand. But she hadn 't. I wondered when I had started seeing people like her as small and young.
The bustle was approaching her resting place, and from this distance, I knew that she was lost inside of herself. An actress in…

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