Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was 2:00 PM.

Deuce arrived to the cottage filled with dread, for he knew Cleo was waiting for him. To smooth things over, he 'd bought a necklace at the gift shop as well as a beautiful, plush deer for Viper to play with. Dusa had picked out an owl for herself, and she cuddled the soft toy close as her father opened the cottage door.

Medusa was right there to greet them, and she wrinkled her nose at Dusa. "Were you swimming!? You smell like chlorine. Ugh, Deuce, could I give her a bath?"

"Sure you can!" Deuce nodded, and when the two walked off to the bathroom, he went to see if Cleo was there.

He found her on the patio out back with a milkshake clutched in her hand. She sat totally still, staring out at the beach nearby. Swallowing hard, Deuce approached, necklace in hand.

"Hey, beautiful," he said softly, kneeling down and dangling the necklace in front of her face. "I got you something."

Cleo remained silent as she slowly turned her head towards him, her eyes narrowed to slits. Finally, after a dead silence, she spoke.

"I called you three times," she growled through gritted teeth. "And you directly ignored me,"

Deuce tried to explain. "L-look, babe, I 'm sorry- we were watching a movie and I had to silence my phone!"

Cleo suddenly snatched the necklace from his hand, throwing on the patio and crushing the fancy stones with her high heel. "THE POINT IS-!" She screamed, her voice so brash that it made Deuce jump away from her. "I GAVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS AND YOU…

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