Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I (Maincharacter) start to feel filthy, i haven 't showered in days and my hair is scratchy. I smell horrible. I walk up to the kidnappers. "Is there any place I could take a shower?" I ask without sounding polite. "Not unless you wanna take a swim." He says as he starts laughing. The rest of them join in. I walk away as I flip them the bird. the younger male kidnapper walks up to me once we 're out of everyone 's sight. He tells me where the shower is. So I guess thoughs jackasses really do have a shower and just don 't give a damn about us. I sneak the smart girl into the shower with me because I know she wants to get clean and she wouldn 't tell anyone. The shower is big enough so we shower together.

(beach scene)

The boat makes it to land. It has a large beach. It 's really dark out and most of the people go to the buildings (very short and flat ones) but I stay on the beach to be alone. Not actually alone though, I have the smart girl with me. I managed to snatch a bottle of vodka on the way out of the boat. me and the smart girl make a small fire on the beach and it looks beautiful. We open the bottle and I hand it to the smart girl. She gives me a worried look. "try it. it 'll relieve the stress." I say as I take a sip. "Doesn 't that burn?" She says. Has she had vodka before? "Yeah, it feels like your brain 's leaking out of your ears. It feels good though."

She takes the bottle into her hand and takes a swig. "Holy shit!" She says. We both start laughing…

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