Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“you look so beautiful, I hope I don 't have to catch a case today,” I smiled, “thank you so much for everything and I think I 'm the one who 's going to catch a case today you look so sexy.” He grabbed my hand and we walked out the doors and into the indoor water park that was literally a few feet from the lobby, it was beautiful especially for a man made beach. He asked me if I could swim I told him yes and he scooped me up and ran towards the water, I was holding on to him for dear life. I hated being dunked under water but I loved being in his arms. The next thing I knew I was under the freezing water, I came up and tried to act mad but he didn 't fall for it, he dunked me again, I faked like he hurt me and he rushed to me apologizing. When he got closer I tripped him and swam away, he came up laughing and started chasing me when he caught me I bribed him with kisses to save myself from being dunked again. I was having so much fun I forgot all about my problems we stayed in the water for hours. We had both worked up an appetite so we dried off and headed to eat. He held my hand as we walked to the restaurant that was right on the water I felt a little underdressed because my wrap was lost in the water after Dmitri dunked me and my hair was a wet curly mess, when I told we should change first he said I looked beautiful and pointed out all the other patrons in their swim attire. I order a Bahama mama and seafood pasta Dmitri was driving so he had a lemonade and order…

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