Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I open my eyes to a room that does not belong to me. Sitting up, I look around at my surroundings; there was one window, a single bed, in which I was asleep in and a stool, it was plan and non-threatening. In this kind of situation most would think waking up in a strange place is something to be worried about, but I feel that I have done this before. I’m more confused by how I got here in the first place. The only light in room seems to be both natural and artificial. I couldn’t tell if it was morning or afternoon but the light is a mixture from the sun and the city outside. The light wasn’t the thing that woke me though; it was a deep foreign voice calling a ancient hymn. I place my legs off the bed and on the cold tiled floor. As I stood, stab of pain ran straight through my head this caused me to sway slightly. I sat back down.
“Shit” I mumbled, placing a hand to my head, the pain spread from the base of my skull to behind my eyes.

Breathing in deeply, I forced myself to my feet; I took another breath and went towards the open window. I needed to find out where I was. From the sweat on my skin and the heat in the air I knew I was somewhere hot. Getting to the window, I had to shut my eyes for the flash of pain that spiked behind them. I opened my eyes slowly and looked out at the bright city in front of me. The city streets were lit and a small amount of cars were driving to work. Seeing as the sun seemed to be coming from the east, though there was too much cloud cover…

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