Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Dad slowly walked through our tall, wooden front door. The heaviness of the wood slammed against the door frame as he shut it behind him. Dirt lined the bottom hem of his jeans, and as he pulled his thick, black sunglasses off his leathered face, a fine tan line could be seen around his eyes. His thick, dark eyebrows furrowed under his beaten baseball cap. I remember when he got that hat. Our family was on one of our, what seemed yearly, moves. We stopped at a gift shop in New Mexico; it was then just a firmly shappen, maroon cap, but he liked it. Dad never bought anything for himself unless it was dark chocolate; he always wanted his kids to come first. So, to even things out in his mind, he set out a bag of salt-water taffies next to his new hat at the check-out desk. Now the cap sits on his straight black hair; little, maroon strings flow out fringed holes in the hat and hang by his ears. His recent job of supervising construction leaves his skin stained dark. Mom tells stories often of when he looked this way when they were first married. A young twenty-two year old, scrawny, pale man was pushed into my mom by the church matchmaker (his mother). He had not shaved that morning and blushed as he tried to scramble up some sensible words. Apparently it worked, and after my mom moved away, he followed her and asked her to marry him. He got a job as a construction worker in town, and he would come home (as my mom would say) glimmering with a hard earned sweat and muscles that…

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