Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I reach out for the ladder, and I place my hands on the outer beams, I step off. I drop like a stone, my hands holding on as I slide down. My feet hit the ground, which feels like a slab of cement hitting my heels. Breathing heavily, I release the ladder, turn on the lights, sprint down the tunnel and to the door that leads into the dining hall.
The second I reach the door, I open the small box mounted into the wall beside the door, and type in the eight digit code. The door springs open and I dart inside, then stop. Food lies untouched on the tables in the room, and the air smells potently of rotted food. A weight drops into my stomach. I’m I to late? I shake my head. No. I can’t be.
I run to the side of the room, and run as fast as I can down the hallway, my heart thudding painfully in my chest. I sprint through the open door of the command center and lean against the door.
My eyes move over the room, to find the walls still lined with monitors and maps of the city’s districts. But there’s no one here.
I frown. This doesn’t make any sense. If the States had already been here, wouldn’t they have taken all of this? Unless...hope leaps inside of me, maybe the others aren’t back yet, and that’s why there was rotten food in the dining room.
I laugh into my hand. So then the others are safe.
The barrel of a gun presses to the back of my neck, a circle of cold against my skin. The cold spreads throughout my body, making me stiffen.
“Move and you’re dead.” a hisses a voice…

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