Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I danced around the house singing while eating some pretzels. I was pretty proud of myself and once I told Copper how it went, he started dancing with me too. I was mid-song when we got a call from our neighbors telling us to shut off the music and go to bed. We laughed our way all the way up to our bedrooms and into our different beds.
The loud ringing pulled me from my deep dream state and back to the demanding reality of life. I blindly grouped at my bedside table, my fingers sliding over my phone and knocking it to the floor. The ringing stopped temporarily, but started back up in a second. A loud moan escaped my throat as I grabbed my phone and looked at the caller id, Darcy Grey.
“Is there a reason you’re calling me at five in the morning?” I mumbled into the phone, my mind still half in the dream world.
“We have places to be!” She shouted and I held the phone away from my ear a little bit. “We have places to be! There are thousands of parties going on all over the coast!” I moaned lightly and sat up; looking around my room at the bags I hadn’t started packing yet. “We’re going to come get you at like seven and then we’ll be on our way to the coast!” She cheered happily.
We had had a pretty quiet week in terms of Shay and I was happy be getting to the beach. We had a long boat ride ahead of us though so Darcy wanted us to leave early.
Every time I saw Shay, I still had to bite my tongue to make sure I wouldn’t wave to him or smile and it was eating me up inside,…

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