Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Kauleta where did you go" my mère called as we walked From the exit or jc penny 's to our car. It was an unbearably hot day and I had made the mistake Of wearing a long sleeve shirt pervious to this my brother Had taken off his shirt so before we crossed the street I stopped to take off my shirt keep in mind I was only like 6 or 7At the time I didn 't have much but mosquito bites for breast so I thought It was okay to take off my shirt and plus I seen my brother do it plenty of times So I thought that I was in the clear but as soon as my mom turned around and Seen me pulling my shirt over my head she snatched me up so fast I didn 't even know she did until I was being dragged across the street my the color of my shirt."dammit Kauleta didn 't I even tell girls don 't do that there are perves out here that would just love to see what you got" This was the day that I first started learning what it meant to be a women. I am a black American women. Because of my identity my life can range for something sweet and easy to something hellish and bitter. Because there is so many things that make me different from most people I have different experiences than most of my fellow students. I have the lightest skin you can even imagine depending on what season it is so for more than half the year people just think that I 'm white also I 'm a women just being a women in this time in society is considered a bad thing also I 'm an American which at most times is a blessing but at some times…

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