Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I remember the extensive heat and the annoying sound of mosquitos revolving my head, I just layed on my bed thinking of what life had prepared for me. The thought of going through the most difficult moment in my life sadden me when was I to think that I would leave my parents and not be certain when I was to see them again. I could feel the emotion arising inside me, breath after breath I could feel an extensive knot build up within my throat. My face got stiff and my vision became blurry I closed my eyes tightly as if I was to never open them again. It was then that I felt the warmth of my tear descend downward of my cheeks. The symbolic truth of my feelings descending one after the other each with a silent mourn of fear sadness and anguish. Before then, the morning was warm hotter than usual actually an awkward silence existed in the house, not a breath could be heard… just silence. I proceeded with my daily routine walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth with every second passing was a moment in my mind that reminded me of reality and how life can give and take from you in a matter of seconds. There was a pleasant aroma that could be smelled miles away or so I thought. My mother had gotten up early to cook us up some breakfast. I hurried to get to the table before my brother did, I raised my view only to see my mother slowly preparing our food she wouldn’t directly look at me in the eyes but at a glance I could see her eyes were red and swollen.
I reminiscence…

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