Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I woke up to the aroma of fluffy pancakes as the smell of the buttery, crispy edges entered my nostrils and filled me up. My feet soon began to shake, and suddenly I found myself sitting on my bed. As I stood up the perfume of the salty, toasty, bacon strips lead me down the hall as if revealing to me the wonders of the kitchen. Once at the entrance, the chatter of my great aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins all came together as an annoying siren in my ear. The voices extremely loud and obnoxious. “can you pass me this,” “I want some of that,” “can you leave some for the rest,” “you already ate two times,” and “we asked you how much you wanted for a reason.” A quick glance at the kitchen and suddenly I was transported to a buffet restaurant filled with high school students and teachers. The amount of breakfast on the tables and counters was unbelievable as if it were a banquet for the whole community. “ Puedes ir a lavarte la boca buen sucio” my cousin Ilianelis said to me. She was telling me to go watch my dirty mouth in Spanish. At that moment, I realized I had not yet showered or brushed my teeth because I had been memorized by this new atmosphere as soon as I woke up. Not only did it bother me, it kept me intrigued. While approaching the bathroom, I could hear the squabble between my cousins over who was first in line and who was next to go, when I realized that I was third in line. One of my cousins, Jonathan held my spot in line while I went to get my toothbrush…

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