Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The first time I lost someone close to me, I didn’t even know she/he existed until about five months ago. My father and I were in our Toyota Corolla, driving back from a morning swim at the local YMCA. It was one of those radiant Sunday mornings that you never wanted to end. It was only eight o’clock and we had a whole day ahead of us. All blue skies and sunshine. Windows rolled down, inviting a light breeze. My wet hair tickled the nape of my neck. The smell of coffee wafted throughout the interior of our car. A stretch of mountains poked up from behind the clouds above Highway 10. The taste of air; a freshness mixed with newly cut grass.

And yet, the atmosphere inside the car was tense. My father and I hadn’t spoken other than to exchange pleasantries. But, the moment we had left the gym and stepped into the car, it was a clear indication that an argument was going to ensue. His knuckles tapped to the faint hum of the radio while, his leg moved up and down. It would be the same conversation we had over and over again. In which my father would bring up the latest quarrel between my mother and I, while I would justify my actions. But he would continue to defend her.

It’s a known fact in our household, that my mother and I do not get along. She doesn’t show any affection towards me. No hugs. No I love you’s. Nothing. I resented her for it. I know that there must have been a point where she showered me with love. Yet, all I have in lieu of those moments are photographs. Her…

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