Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Tell me what’s bothering you!” Copper shouted and right before I got the chance to answer the rest of the kids at the bus stop came running around the corner right as the bus came around the other. I shrugged at Copper and he groaned.
When we got to school I walked into the bathroom before Copper could ask me what was wrong again. I fixed my mascara and my hair. When I looked at my watch I saw that I was going to be late for class. I rushed out of the bathroom and to my class. I hesitated at the door seeing Shay already sitting at our lab table.
“Come on Aubrey, you can do this.” I mumbled to myself. Shay caught my eye and raised his eye brows. I couldn’t back out now. I walked into class and walked right to my table without meeting anyone’s curious glances. I could feel the whole packs’ eyes on me.
I stood up behind my chair until Shay looked at me. I handed him his jacket back, but didn’t say anything. Bender’s eyes were glued to me the whole time and it was making me really nervous. It broke my heart all over again, seeing Shay 's eyes. Normally they had the pitch black look and were either happy or serious, but now they had more of a brown tint to them and they were full of just pure sorrow. He was going to make this really hard on me.
“How goes it?” He mumbles trying to break the awkwardness.
“It goes.” I stated simply without looking at him. I unpacked my bag right as the teacher started talking about what we were doing in class. I acted like I was paying…

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